Why Data Security Is Important

Data security is important because certain businesses maintain data containing exceptionally sensitive information that would create severe liability risks if compromised, particularly data that’s maintained for a financial environment. Information that’s used to develop accounting records, such as stock ownership, profit distribution, profit-sharing, joint venture agreements or salary and wage information must have strict security to prevent unauthorized access from both third parties and internal staff members.

The Role of Financial Managers as it Relates to Data Security

With all the networking and file sharing, who is responsible for securing critical financial data? Corporations often look to a CFO or other financial management level employees to get involved with preventing a breach in their data security.

Securing information on a Private Cloud platform has proven to be more secure than using a public cloud platform. The proprietary data used in accounting and financial environments should be structured to prevent access by unauthorized users in a manner that there is an appropriate segregation of financial information. In fact, some countries have reservations about utilizing the services of corporations that use public cloud platforms. Since other clients utilize the same data center, it also puts external companies like suppliers, vendors, independent contractors and joint venture partners at risk.

Financial professionals must work closely with IT departments to reduce data security risks. To that end, they must also increase their awareness of how often information changes on a public cloud platform along with the probability of a breach in their data security taking place.

Where public cloud environments provide shared platforms, generalized data security controls, uncertain locations of stored data as well as unclear access management, a private cloud environment provides just the opposite. With a private cloud platform model, financial professionals are provided with

• A private secured platform

• A private secured infrastructure

• Industry-specific security controls

• A specific and clear data location

• A specific and clear access control

• A platform that’s conducive for highly sensitive data

Liability Risks Associated with a Breach in Data Security

One of the greatest risks associated with having a breach in data security (particularly data security related to corporations operating within the financial industry) is the exposure of other people’s sensitive information. Their information could be used in ways that could harm both the Corporation and the other victims. This could create major setbacks for all parties involved. Not only could corporations be sued by the victims, but more costs would be required to rebuild a new security system, process legal proceedings and all additional costs associated with recovering from such losses, including damages to brand recognition.

Some Logical Steps to Minimize Cyber Attacks

Financial professionals can work directly with the IT department to develop a data security plan. The plan should involve an internal, in-house cyber security system with checks and balances to better safeguard your critical and most sensitive information. Additionally, creating an internal cyber security team will also prove to be a means to better protect your data from many forms of cyber attacks.

Why Pain Should Be a Salesperson’s Best Friend

“So why doesn’t that prospect buy from me?” Short answer: It’s too comfortable for them not to.

There’s always a temptation to stick to what you know. The same breakfast, the same holiday destination, the same terrible broadband supplier. For many prospects, whatever their experience with an unreliable incumbent or an ageing product, they have to take a step into the unknown if they’ve not bought from you before.

That’s right, for you to become their new provider, you must drive success by becoming adept at conjuring up the single most compelling reason that humans do anything-pain. Differentiate yourself. Make NOT buying from you more painful.

‘Stacking the pain’ should always form part of your value proposition.

Be bold-stacking the pain needs to happen way before you start proposing anything at all. No doctor would start explaining a cure for an illness without really diving into what the symptoms are. Use your own natural style to do the same.

As a patient, you buy the quick resolution of pain-not the pharmaceuticals themselves. You can change the world when you realise your prospects are buying the same thing, not your product or service.

So what are the 4 natural skills you need to make your prospects ache from the pain of NOT doing business with you?

1. Questioning. You don’t want questions to sound like an interrogation.

A series of closed questions that don’t build a picture or uncover areas of pain. Using your own warm, personal style, focus on broad, open-ended questions or ‘TED’ questions, which aren’t really questions at all. Try using “Tell me..”, “Explain to me… “, “Describe to me”-use your own instincts to enable the prospect to disclose pain.

If they don’t get talking about their pain soon, then before you know it, they’re twitchy and asking you to get on and explain what you do. Why? Because if their pain isn’t going to be alleviated, what’s the point of listening? Your chances at that stage are twofold-slim and none-and Slim just left town.

2. Listening. Some salespeople really drop the ball here.

What’s the biggest give-away that you’re not really listening? When you ask a question that’s nothing to do with what the prospect just said. Do that twice in a row, and their trust level has all but evaporated. Three strikes and you’re out, you get the idea.

Deep listening means shutting out all other noise, and above all else not to be planning your next question whilst they’re speaking!

3. Probing. This is the third weapon in our armoury.

Probe a remark the prospect makes with questions like “How often does that problem arise?” or “What’s the impact on your business when that goes wrong?” You’ll get right to the heart of their pain. That’s where the sale is, a prospect voicing and dwelling on everything that’s wrong with their status quo. Get this right and their belief in you will increase.

Differentiate yourself here because many salespeople scoot past it-by not listening and being too busy planning their next ‘brilliant’ question.

4. Finesse. When a prospect hears a list of everything that’s causing them pain in their organisation in an articulate summary of all that’s wrong with their world, then who is the salesperson with whom they’ll feel most comfortable about doing business? Will it be the salesperson who asked formulaic questions, pretended to listen and then just pitched their ‘cure’ without understanding the prospect’s pain? No. It will be the salesperson who spent the most time exploring the pain and consequently compelling the prospect to take the far less painful step of moving from their status quo to your solution.

Here Is What You Need to Do Before You Learn to Ski

Has your latest vacation in a winter resort charmed you so much that you have decided to learn to ski? Maybe you already wish to purchase a property in Bansko or some other winter hotspot ideal for skiing. In any case, you need to get to grips with the activity first. Skiing is a sport best enjoyed when you are prepared. Otherwise, it is impossible to practice it without feeling overwhelmed at some point. Here are a few things you should do before you hit the slopes:

You need to be fitter – while you don’t need to be a professional athlete to ski, it definitely helps if you are fit. Extreme training is not for everyone, though some amount of exercise could make all the difference. Most importantly, you need to work on the quad muscles in your thighs, as they are the ones bearing the most strain from skiing. Strengthen your legs as much as you can, and you will do better. It is also a good idea to boost your stamina through some cardio workouts.

Are you hiring ski? – hiring ski equipment is pretty common practice in case you travel without your own gear. The one thing you need to do when you are hiring your ski boots is to test them with a thick enough sock. You don’t want to pick up gear that is later too tight or too loose. Tell the staff at the ski shop to loosen your bindings so that they pop off easier when you fall over.

You need a helmet – it doesn’t matter whether you buy your own or hire one. You absolutely need every extra bit of protection, since you don’t want to hurt yourself while you are still learning to ski.

You will fall over – there is no escaping the inevitable falls as you are still learning to ski. If you are not afraid of that, then you will learn to ski faster. The most important thing is to retain your courage and learn from your mistakes.

Get some lessons – if you are a beginner, you absolutely need to get some skiing lessons. This is a great way to get into the sport, all the while gaining confidence and knowledge on how to ski better. Normally, lessons begin early morning and finish at about lunchtime. This gives you plenty of time to practice what you have learned or just unwind and enjoy the serenity of the ski resort you are located at.

Know the piste – you will know what ability a given piste is best suited for. Steer clear from the ones made for experts – you will have enough time for them when you learn. In the meantime, stick to ‘nursery’ slopes for safety reasons. Make sure you don’t overestimate your abilities.

Keeping these tips in mind is a sure way to become a better skier. Just remember to keep it fun, and you will soon enough find out how great of a sport it is.

5 Measures to Enhance Home Security

With the increase in illicit activities happening around, it becomes vital for everyone to take extra care of things that matter the most to you. The well-being of your family and the place where you dwell in would undoubtedly be the top on the list.

Following are the measures which will indubitably help in enhancing the safety of your home and consequently, strengthening the protection of your loved ones:

1) Boasting on Social Media is a big NO!

While you are on a vacation or going out on an official trip or visiting a relative, you tend to post the same on social media in form of departures, check-ins, or pictures of the new locations. This should be avoided as it will attract and update the burglars about your recent activities. If you are really enthusiastic to talk about your trip, you may post the images after coming back home.

2) Never, Ever

Most of us have a habit of leaving a message on the voicemail informing the person on the other side about the reason for not being able to attend the call, for instance, ‘Away on vacation’, ‘Will be back in four days’, and so on. Never disclose for how long you are out or away from your home. Keep your messages simple and generic for every situation, such as ‘Hello! Thanks for calling. Will get back to you as soon as possible’, ‘Hey there! I’m occupied with something right now. Will call back soon’, and likewise.

Moreover, don’t even think of hiding your house keys under the doormat or in other obvious places. Intruders are smart enough and they already have the idea of all such places.

3) Eyes and Ears for your home: Security System

Technology has not only made our life simpler, but secured as well. If you live alone or stay in an isolated area, it is recommended that you should position a surveillance system (indoor security cameras and weatherproof outdoor surveillance cameras) at your home to ensure enhanced security. These gadgets are one of the best devices to monitor everything that is happening in and around your premises when you are at home or even when you are away from home.

4) Fencing the periphery

To restrict the entry and hence, make your abode more secured, you may go for the fencing option too. It is one of the most facile yet the strongest way to shield your dwelling. Various kinds of fences namely PVC, Wood, Bamboo, etc., are available in the market from which you can hand-pick the one as per your requirements.

5) Seal them to conceal things

The window shades are capable enough to conceal the whereabouts of inside. Windows with drapes or shades would certainly block outsiders to have any glimpse of inside. Also, be extra cautious and make sure to lock all your windows properly before leaving the house as the unsealed ones would offer quite a good welcome to the burglars.

Just implement these measures and reap the benefits of deepened security of your home!

How Electric Golf Trolley Can Save You From Back Pain And Improve Your Game

There are a lot of things that many amateur and recreational golfers are introduced to when it comes to the improvement of their game. However, Electric golf carts wouldn’t be on the top of their list. Having a golf trolley that is optimized for you and your back is actually incredibly important for your health and game as a whole.

The very first thing that you have to dispel from your mind is thinking that an electric golf trolley is only needed by people who have trouble walking around the golf course. In fact, more and more people are using it due to the convenience that it brings to the game. You don’t have to spend time trying to get from one place to another which can seriously diminish your game.

The more that you’re tired from walking, the less efficient you’ll be at playing. It’s something that has been proven time and time again. In fact, you can just look at other sports and you’ll notice that no matter how good someone’s cardio is, they’ll get tired eventually. Golf is not going to be any different from these other sports.

Preventing Back Pains And Improving Game

One of the main reasons as to why people use electric golf carts is due to the reduction of back pains experienced by the individual. It’s no secret that the longer you walk, the more painful it is for your back especially if you’re on the older side of the spectrum. When your back hurts, your game is diminished due to the inability to move the way you want comfortably.

With the use of the something that can help transport you and all of your accessories, you’ll be able to rest your back from the stress that it would’ve felt as you walked through the different levels of the golf course. If you’re playing golf on a field that has mini hills all over it, one of the best ways to rest yourself is by riding a trolley.

Not All Golf Carts Are The Same

Even though they are convenient, not all golf trolleys are going to provide you with the same amount of comfort. You have to make sure that you get whatever is the best for you and the golf courses that you go to. The wheels that you’re going to use have to be considered to minimize the time spent getting from one place to another.

Another important thing is the material used for the cushion of the trolley. This can give you convenience as you think of your next gameplan. The batteries are also important because you want to ensure that you’re able to use the trolley for the whole game and not worry about having to go back to charge it which could really break the pace.

A few other things that you have to consider before you make a purchase for your golf cart is to get their weight, maintenance, ease of use and speed.

Improving the Quality of Education: A 360 Degree Perspective on Education CSR in India

Education is the most important lever for social, economic and political transformation. It is well acknowledged that education can break the intergenerational cycle of poverty within the lifetime of one generation by equipping people with relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills that are essential for economic and social development. In India, Education is also the most potent tool for socio-economic mobility and a key instrument for building an equitable and just society.

India has taken significant strides towards realizing its vision of providing access to education for all its children. In 2001, India launched the SarvaShikshaAbhiyan (SSA or Education for All) to achieve universal elementary universal lower secondary enrollment (grades 9-10) by 2018. The Right to Education (RTE) Act, mandates free and compulsory education for all children ages 6-14 years through setting minimum school infrastructure standards (e.g., building, library, toilets), pupil-teacher ratios (PTRs), avenues for private schools and teacher hours. In the years since RTE was introduced, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has introduced several schemes and programmes in order to impart education for all.

Reduction of un-enrolled children

SSA has been largely responsible for a dramatic increase in school participation across the country through building a large number of schools, school incentives, food, an increase in the number of teachers in school, to name a few. As the ASER Report 2014 points out, 96.7% of children (in the age group 6- 14 years) were enrolled in school in rural India in 2014, which was the 6th consecutive year that enrollment rates stood above 96%.

In 2009, the Government launched the RashtriyaMadhyamikShikshaAbhiyan (RMSA or Program for Universalization of Secondary Education) to expand the number of secondary schools in order to achieve universal lower secondary enrollment (grades 9-10) by 2018.

The Right to Education (RTE) Act, mandates free and compulsory education for all children ages 6-14 years through setting minimum school infrastructure standards (e.g., building, library, toilets), pupil-teacher ratios (PTRs), avenues for private schools and teacher hours. In the years since RTE was introduced, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has introduced several schemes and programs in order to impart education for all.

School Infrastructure

India today has around 1.45 million elementary schools in 662 districts with 191.3 million children enrolled (94.8 million boys and 99.2 million girls) and 7.96 million teachers. The PTR in Government schools is 24, private-aided schools is 23 and Private Unaided schools is 24. ASER 2014 records that on any given day, over 70% of the children are actually attending schools, though this ratio goes anywhere from 90% to 50% based on data from different States.

India has also aimed to align with international policy initiatives to improve the state of education on par with the rest of the world. In 2000, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) met at the World Education Forum in Dakar and proposed the “Education for All” (EFA) goals – six strategic targets framed as a movement, to be achieved by the year 2015. By these measures, India had achieved the universalisation of primary education in 2014.

The biggest challenge that India’s public education system faces today is that the tremendous success in achieving nearly 100% access to schooling has not translated to quality learning.

In its first comprehensive report on measuring the performance of South Asian education systems on learning, the World Bank South Asian Report 2014 said that poor education quality was the one thing holding India back. “Going to school is not enough. There has to be a significant gain in skills that requires an improvement in the quality of education,” said Philippe Le Houérou, World Bank Vice President for the South Asia Region.

The ASER Reports have consistently pointed to this – the 10th Report released in 2015 shows that every second Class 5 student in rural India cannot read the text of a class three levels below. Basic arithmetic skills continue to be a challenge – only 44.1% of Class 8 students in rural India managed to do a division in 2014.

In 2013, India was ranked by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) conducted by the OECD, as 63 out of 64 countries in terms of education.

India has over half of its population under the age of 25, a statistic that has often been touted as its strength in taking on workers across the globe, yet, if it has to reap the demographic dividend, India has to first stem its learning crisis.

Low learning levels point to several gaps entrenched deeply within the system of education – retention rates after primary school are low; children often do not continue till secondary education. Several historically marginalized groups are left without access to quality education. Teachers are often under-trained and over- worked. Rote-learning and language barriers lead to schools becoming an unattractive place for children to continue. Education awareness programmers do not reach everyone, and the community is left uninformed.

The emerging data about the quality, access and equity of education in India point towards a crucial space where companies can intercede to create great impact through Corporate Social Responsibility.


Improving school inputs is just the starting point in improving educational quality. A more comprehensive view for building a strong, systemic focus on teacher capacity, improving school leadership/ management, strengthening academic support system, better community and parents’ participation, measuring and improving learning outcomes in a continuous manner is the key towards improving education in India. In this respect, education CSR can play a huge role in speeding up this process.

Your Information and Marketer’s GOAL

As a consumer you leave your footsteps on all the platforms that you use. And this is the data which helps marketer’s to develop intelligent REACH to CONSUMERS.

With Machine Learning, a marketer can harness insights from the huge consumer data, they can segment and develop personalized campaigns. With the detailed study of the data a marketer can identify the buying patterns, purchase cycle, area of purchase, customer likings. With this information you can develop your advertisements targeted to a group of consumers.

Suppose you want to buy a flat in your locality and you made a search in Google and realize that when you login to your Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, YahooMail and all other online platforms you start receiving advertisements of the local real estate projects matching your needs. This is Data Science and Marketing bundled together.

For example, e-commerce websites use social data, purchase profile, web activity and browsing history, and interests to give customers a selected products they are likely to purchase.

Your location, current and immediate interest, age group, income section can help marketer to identify suitable products to offer a consumer and connecting with the consumer digital with their likely interest can help the consumer and the brand.

Offline and Online business’s are merging day by day. You can’t exist by just being offline and being online can fetch initial gains but long term you are nowhere.

Its important now to have online presence and become a name in the people’s mind else your business might find difficulties in future.

Offline Marketing – hoardings, pamphlet distribution, door to door campaigning. Its effective but the COST is VERY HIGH. Its doesn’t mean we shouldn’t rely on offline marketing. Basically we need to do a HYBRID, Offline and Online marketing MIX to have the maximum impact on the customer’s mind. And you need to just continue else memories gets wiped off very soon.

Online Marketing – Its impactful at very LOW COST compared to Offline.

Utilize the power of the data that exists today and make use of it digitally to reach out to your customers and market your products based on several parameters possible.

A marketer can develop effective algorithm to process the consumer data and identify the possibilities and influence the outcome.

Brands and marketers to explore innovative ways to acquire and connect with the customers to make their purchase journey interesting and memorable. Organisations that continue to innovate to connect with the customers are the ones likely to thrive in the digital world.

May be we can help?

DigiSciFi is a company specialized in Digital Marketing, Website Development, Data Science approach for Marketing to increase customer engagement.

Connect with us – we might be able to change your Marketing Perspective completely.

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Advantages of Outsourced NOC Services

Are you in the banking sector? Or you have a manufacturing unit or a retail store; whatever may be your domain, IT services are a must to keep pace with the modern day business style. A Network Operations Center (NOC) manages the network infrastructure of your business; which involves routers, switches, VoIP phones, laptops, computers and internet connection. This is a critical aspect of your business and hence you should go for NOC service outsourcing. Why? For the following reasons.

Focus on Core Jobs

Though NOC service maintenance is an important aspect it is not your core business. Hence by outsourcing this part of job to experts you can invest more time in your core job. Outsourcing also means you are engaging a talent pool into your business. These companies have the best workforce and hence you get the best services without much involvement.


When you are engaging a NOC service outsourcing company you are assured of flexible services. If required, they can expand their arena of services and provide more network infrastructure easily. Similarly, when you need to shrink services you can just ask them to cut down the same. It is easier to wrap up business from NOC service outsourcing company rather than asking your employees to leave.


NOC service outsourcing is cost effective. You need not incur the cost of installing expensive equipment for data center management and backup. Also, the cost involved in recruiting expert network engineers reduces. Hence, even without increasing investment you are sure to get the best network monitoring and maintenance services.

All Time Availability

The companies providing NOC services can keep an eye on your network infrastructure round the clock. Hence even when you are not at office you are sure your customers are enjoying seamless services and every hardware and software is running perfectly fine.

Utmost Security

The constant monitoring of the services means you are free from the threat of viruses and hacking. Plus, these companies have sound knowledge of the recent upgradation in the technology and hence you can enjoy the best technology with a premium NOC service provider.

Some of the services that a NOC service provider offers are:

  • Data Center Management: In this category you get services like storing of data on servers and networking.

  • Transition: This involves installation of network infrastructure.

  • Backup: A Network Operations Center service provider arranges support to help you in case the primary connection fails. This means minimal downtime.

  • Operations Management: Incident Management, Request and Problem Management.

Network Operations Center service outsourcing is an indirect revenue generator for your business as it enables complete security to your online customers and helps you get the job done easily.

Increasing Your Traffic Potential Through Stronger Sales Copy

We are not attempting to push the limits of what is possible here.

Salesmanship is hardly about gaining mastery in just trying to sell your stuff to your clients.

Business people always had to push into another level of customer relations and personal satisfactions in order to gain greater mastery in their craft – thereby making a better impression on their clients to help push them into a converted sale.

That was the basic, almost mechanics of a sale, but too many people out for profit thought that it was all going to break in half or something – and that customers would revolt against the sales funnel process.

This is where you get a lead and shift them into the direction of whatever you are buying, and that is some interesting and crazy stuff, because everyone vaguely wants a sales funnel – but far too many have no idea what that is, or why that might benefit their business process.

We are not trying to entertain the idea that profits come from pure salesmanship – because that points to the fact that we don’t know what we’re talking about, but we definitely do because we are hopefully the experts and masters of our industry and trade, and thereby have every right to sell our products at the rate in which we serve them to our markets.

That honestly and literally has to be resolved first, because if you don’t have that ingrained into you, then life will feel a lot different and worse for ware over time, and most of us can’t have that happen because that just honestly means that we are personally and regrettably far off track.

It’s not that we’re not trying to be better business people in general, but you have to get the quality of your products and services far higher in general, or else you will magnificently suffer the consequences in a brutally hesitant way that no one really wants to be part of.

But that’s where businesses can fall apart, and you have to keep in mind that these mistakes add up over the months and years, and that can be what ultimately causes your down fall.

All because you didn’t have your mind set on straight, and everything fell off the foundation, because you weren’t quite sure what you were doing, and everything literally just wasn’t going to work out long term – because your products were not up to par, and that was a problem for you and your marketplace.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – Q Is For Quest

Usually when one thinks about going on a quest, one can envision a romantic or adventurous expedition. However when some think of their career journey, they can only picture a quagmire. So how is it possible to view and more importantly act in a more positive and forward thinking manner?

Many research studies state that we tend to pay more attention to negative thoughts versus positive. For that reason, it makes sense then that we focus more on what we are doing wrong in our jobs/careers versus what is working well for us. To combat this, we need to change our perceptions and more importantly our attitudes and look at our life more holistically.

To start, what are some of your accomplishments in the last 3-5 years? Think both personally and professionally. Maybe you landscaped your property, finished a difficult puzzle, helped a friend going through a crisis, completed a project on time and under budget, and/or you landed a new client. Did you give yourself time to really think about how difficult it was to get through this and what obstacles you faced? Or instead did you just move on to something else?

If you analyze your processes, mindset, and even your motivators on how you were able to achieve this goal, you may realize that you can apply this same drive and resilience in other situations. Instead many of us scrutinize what went wrong or how it may have been done faster, cheaper, etc. Stop being so hard on yourself! It will not help you in any way.

Successful people work on their emotional intelligence. EI (also known as EQ) is how we identify, understand, and control our emotions. By recognizing our emotions, we can better deal with them and hopefully overcome the ones that are holding us back. As an example, certain emotions like fear and frustration can paralyze us so we need to identify coping mechanisms to minimize these emotions.

Practicing gratitude can also help you in your career journey. Although most people are seeking new challenges and in turn greater rewards in their careers, they should also be thankful for what they already have. The issue is that most are never satisfied so by turning that attitude around they recognize that they really do have abundance in their lives. This is not just about money and material goods but good health, a wonderful support system of friends and family members, a helpful boss, etc. In turn, they should also show gratitude towards others who have helped them. When one of my coaching clients has an informational interview, I always tell them that the last question they should ask is “you have been kind enough to spend time with me today, what can I do to help you?” It is surprising what the responses are to that question but it makes you memorable, and more importantly, it makes you feel good.

Life is not stagnant and if it is then it is boring and unfulfilling. Instead see your career as an exciting quest in which you have the ability to really succeed and enjoy.

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