How To Make Your Home Look And Feel Airy

Your home’s appearance and feel will have a direct effect on how you feel when you walk in its doors. You don’t want guests to be in a dimly lit space. It will take some planning and some habits to transform your home into a bright, airy space.

Make sure to get lots of natural sunlight

A home can benefit from natural light. Check out your window treatments. Blinds and curtains are the best options to let light flood in. Consider other options instead of sticking with the white standard blinds. Bamboo blinds or wooden blinds look amazing. Hang curtains that are resistant to the elements. Hang heavy curtains if it is winter. The curtains can also be used to trap cold air in the home. For summer, light curtains can be added to your home with sheer, soft curtains.


To declutter your home, you should first do a deep clean. After you have decluttered your home, you can create systems that will help you keep it clean. A trash can should be kept near the filing system. You don’t want mail to pile up on your kitchen counter so you need to set up a filing system. You can either have a garage sale or donate items to a local thrift shop.

Stick to a color scheme

You will need to choose lighter colors if you want a bright, airy space. You can still have darker colors to balance the room out, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. You can create a brighter base by painting your walls a lighter color, such as light blue, cream, or pale yellow. You can choose to have tan or caramel-colored couches instead of chocolate brown. You can incorporate patterns with flower bedding, fun pillow or stunning area rug to create depth and texture. Area rug is a place that will give your home or you workplace a descent look and you can use custom logo rugs for your entry area.

Cleanse the air

You’re in trouble if your home smells bad and looks great. It can be difficult to maintain clean air. Carpet floors should be kept clean and vacuumed regularly to avoid allergen accumulation. To create beautiful aromas in your room, you can use essential oil diffusers. Aromatherapy can also be enjoyed in this way. Every day, open the windows for a few seconds. This will allow air to circulate. Consider buying an indoor plant. Indoor plants can be used as natural air purifiers.

Enhance your furniture

If you want to make your home appear larger, heavy furniture won’t be a good choice. There are many options available to you. To give your furniture more space, you can make new legs for couches and dressers by lifting them off of the ground. You can replace clunky legs on your coffee table and dining table with hairpin legs. They will be able to support the weight of your furniture, without adding weight to the room.

Decorate with plants

Spring is the season of new life. To bring some spring to your home, you will need to brighten it up. How better to bring life into your home than by actually bringing in living things? Adding plants to your home adds life and vibrancy. Simple decorations such as an orchid placed on the dining room table or a small tree in a corner can make a space feel lively and energetic.