4 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are professional resources who readily take over the tasks that you wish to delegate to them and do them in their entirety while being located remotely. The best part about VAs is that you need not manage them the way you handle your in-office employees.

You might be wondering that how it will benefit you and what you will get from it. The 4 benefits listed below will give you a good idea:

  1. Cost-effective

When an organization hires a full-time employee, expenses can increase drastically depending on the size of the team and the benefits that will be provided to them. However, when you partner with a VA, you wouldn’t have to worry about equipment costs, employee taxes or any other employee-related expenses.

In the current economic state, if you want to create more time for productivity and grow your business, then partnering with a virtual assistant is the best solution. Forget about paying for tea breaks, toilet breaks and whatever other breaks you can think of. You don’t pay for all this in the case of a Virtual Assistant; after all, we’re not letting you benefit whilst we are sipping a hot cup of cocoa. We track task and project progression via a time-tracking software, logging only the hours spent working physically on your business.

  1. Reduction of training expenses

When a full-time employee is hired by any organization, they have to bear the cost of training that resource. However, when a virtual assistant is hired for a certain task, training costs can be saved. Hiring virtual assistants allows you to increase your productivity because the employees are paid only after they complete the work assigned to them.

  1. Access resources and skills you don’t have in-house

VAs come with skills and solid years of experience; they can relate to you and your business needs effectively. There is a wide range of VAs out there; you have your generalists who cover pretty much anything and then you have the ones who specialize in a particular area; for example, Graphic Design, Marketing, Accounts etc. Outsourcing your processes to them will open your business up to more opportunities and exposure.

  1. No infrastructure cost

While hiring a new member for your staff, you have to consider purchasing a new PC, desk, stationary and whatever else is needed to get the job done right. Virtual Assistants invest in their business by buying their own equipment and set-up. Not only does this save you additional expenses, it also keeps your office exactly the same with no disruptions or extra space taken up by the new requirement.

How Your Office Benefits From Medical Staffing

For healthcare companies vacancies or low staff count equate to lost productivity and revenues. Over working your medical staff can also lead to a high turnover rate in your office. Managing your workforce via medical staffing is critical in today’s competitive job market. One of the leading factors in jobs creation has been identifying a ready labor pool of qualified candidates. There are many benefits of working temp assignments as it allows the company to assess the many experiences and qualities the employee has to offer.

While larger companies and government agencies have long capitalized on this ready labor pool smaller businesses are joining the game. Companies are now looking at medical staffing as one of the available solutions. Depending on your industry the turnover rate can be as high as 75% and the real labor costs to be in excess of 50% of the employee’s compensation. Medical staffing is the answer for many offices.

Employees are the most expensive investment a business can make.

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly to a company’s bottom line if not using medical staffing.The cost of hiring the wrong person becomes incrementally more expensive the shorter period of time they have been with you. The first 90 days are typically the most expensive to have an employee on board.

The Flexibility Factor

The right medical staffing solution provides workforce flexibility and access to qualified talent. This is also an assessment period to determine if the employee is a great behavioral or motivational fit for your company. Staffing allows companies to avoid the burden of employer costs associating with hiring and training an employee. The employers so called “loaded rate” for each employee adds up to about 40% more than their pay rate? Example, for a $14 per hour worker their true cost would be $19.63 per hour or about 40% more than their base pay. Included in this so called “loaded rate” would be the costs you would pay as an employer each pay period. You will not be responsible for paying taxes, health insurance, workers compensation and job training etc.

The Jobs People

Because the employee is actually an employee of staffing firm and not the employer the employer costs are solely the responsibility of the staffing firm. Many business owners don’t know that the total costs of using a medical staffing firm is a businesses write off.

The staffing firm is responsible for paying the payroll taxes and the costs of benefits. As an employer you are reimbursed for these costs which are included in the hourly billing rate. In addition, they charge somewhat more than that because they must cover their overhead and make a profit. You pay that as well. You can deduct as an ordinary business expense what you pay the staffing firm. The deductions are likely somewhat higher than if you do it yourself. You will benefit from having the employee and are able to write off the costs you paid to the medical staffing firm.

Advantages of Outsourced NOC Services

Are you in the banking sector? Or you have a manufacturing unit or a retail store; whatever may be your domain, IT services are a must to keep pace with the modern day business style. A Network Operations Center (NOC) manages the network infrastructure of your business; which involves routers, switches, VoIP phones, laptops, computers and internet connection. This is a critical aspect of your business and hence you should go for NOC service outsourcing. Why? For the following reasons.

Focus on Core Jobs

Though NOC service maintenance is an important aspect it is not your core business. Hence by outsourcing this part of job to experts you can invest more time in your core job. Outsourcing also means you are engaging a talent pool into your business. These companies have the best workforce and hence you get the best services without much involvement.


When you are engaging a NOC service outsourcing company you are assured of flexible services. If required, they can expand their arena of services and provide more network infrastructure easily. Similarly, when you need to shrink services you can just ask them to cut down the same. It is easier to wrap up business from NOC service outsourcing company rather than asking your employees to leave.


NOC service outsourcing is cost effective. You need not incur the cost of installing expensive equipment for data center management and backup. Also, the cost involved in recruiting expert network engineers reduces. Hence, even without increasing investment you are sure to get the best network monitoring and maintenance services.

All Time Availability

The companies providing NOC services can keep an eye on your network infrastructure round the clock. Hence even when you are not at office you are sure your customers are enjoying seamless services and every hardware and software is running perfectly fine.

Utmost Security

The constant monitoring of the services means you are free from the threat of viruses and hacking. Plus, these companies have sound knowledge of the recent upgradation in the technology and hence you can enjoy the best technology with a premium NOC service provider.

Some of the services that a NOC service provider offers are:

  • Data Center Management: In this category you get services like storing of data on servers and networking.

  • Transition: This involves installation of network infrastructure.

  • Backup: A Network Operations Center service provider arranges support to help you in case the primary connection fails. This means minimal downtime.

  • Operations Management: Incident Management, Request and Problem Management.

Network Operations Center service outsourcing is an indirect revenue generator for your business as it enables complete security to your online customers and helps you get the job done easily.

4 Essential PEO Services That Provide Huge Small Business Benefits

Employee leasing service providers offer a number of useful capabilities to businesses. Which you end up pursuing, or whether you opt to pursue a full suite of services, depends upon your own needs, your industry, and more. Here though, learn more about some of the best and most essential types of PEO services you may be interested in.

Payroll: Payroll is one of those things that gets away from many business owners. They didn’t start the business to end up dealing with accounting issues, but here they are. Well, a professional employer organization can come to the rescue. They’ll be fully versed in the dos and don’ts of payroll in your area, and will be able to seamlessly handle your needs here, along with all of the corresponding areas of taxes, unemployment taxes, and so forth.

Not only can you depend on them to handle these tasks without error or complication, but suddenly your own schedule is cleared up. Now you can handle the core tasks that you did start this business for. That’s a benefit that all areas of employee leasing provide. The invaluable aspect of time, along with cost savings, flexibility, peace of mind, and more.

Human Resources: A fuller range of human resources tasks can also be handled by PEO service providers. This may include something such as employee training, or employer to employee issues, along with a broad scope of internal and office management services. Now you don’t need to hire specific HR tasks in house, or assign someone else those roles, which makes interoffice politics a bit more complicated.

Workers Compensation: Getting workers compensation insurance directly from the state generally is not a wise idea. Get a policy that costs less money and is sized to fit you and your needs specifically by working with a high quality PEO provider.

Employee Benefits: Employee benefits is another key area of need that PEO providers can help with. With their size and experience, you’ll be able to quality for much better and more affordable packages that are enticing to employees and work for you too.

Hopefully you’ve learned more about some of the key types of services that PEO providers can offer. If you think your own business can benefit from one or more of them, and in most cases, that’s certainly true, you’ll want to speak with an experienced local professional who can help you get a great deal that fits you perfectly.

What Are the Top RPO Companies in the World?

If there is one common problem faced by almost all the companies around the world, then that is finding the right set of skilled talent which fits perfectly with the requirements of the organisation.

To find top quality candidates, streamlining the recruitment process is extremely necessary, and that can be done by either setting up an in-house HR team or by hiring a recruitment process outsourcing agency. But setting up an in-house HR team is not only expensive and time-consuming, it also requires management to carry out the much-dreaded hiring processes. On the other hand, hiring an RPO means outsourcing all the hiring needs of a company.

What is RPO?

RPO is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). An RPO company takes on all or some of the recruitment needs of a company or staffing agency.

In most cases, an RPO provides specific services to help improve and refine recruitment processes in companies. The responsibilities of an RPO can include understanding recruitment needs, posting suitable job requirements on portals, and shortlisting candidates.

Top RPO Companies in the world

The best part about hiring an RPO company is that their location does not matter. The work is completely outsourced, and the RPO has experienced virtual recruiters working with them, who do not need to work around company offices to find the best talent. Instead, they use internet, emails, and video calls to screen candidates from around the world. But with the location constraint shattered, choosing the best RPO company becomes even more difficult, as the choices increase.

To make the decision easier for you, we have pulled out a list of some of the top RPO companies in the world:

1. SevenStepRPO

Seven Step RPO is on a mission for our clients. Sevenstep doesn’t just take orders. They’re true strategic advisors and expert problem solvers. SevenStep delivers quality candidates for the hardest-to-fill positions around the globe. Period. And they do so quickly, consistently, and efficiently.

2. Randstad

A $22.5 billion company, Randstad’s key offerings include contingent workforce services, recruitment process outsourcing, and blended workforce solutions. It focuses mainly on mid-market companies located in Asia, Europe, United States, Canada, and South America. With more than 10 years of experience, the company has worked on over 200 projects, and it helps with 90,000 hires annually.

3. ANS Affiliates

ANS Affiliates are one of the top RPO companies in India and abroad. Formed with a goal to provide organisations around the world with the perfect outsourcing solutions, the services offered by the company include global recruitment support, data processing, research analysis, content writing, and sales and marketing.

4. Pontoon Solutions

With its services covering 60 countries worldwide, Pontoon Solutions helps its client find more than 72,000 hires in a year.

The company provides recruitment services for various verticals including manufacturing, energy, information technology, defence contractors, telecommunications, and retail.

Pontoon Solution’s key services and capabilities include sourcing, screening, advertising recruitments, workforce planning and consulting, and recruitment audits.

5. Accolo

A founding member of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, Accolo provides cloud recruiting solutions to its clients instead of directly providing with skilled team members to handle recruitment needs.

The RPO provides a patented SaaS Cloud Recruiting platform, Hiring Intelligence Knowledgebase, and a Hiring Consultant Network, which includes a large number of experienced and certified recruiters.

Accolo mainly provides services to companies located in the United States and it hires around 3,000 skilled professionals annually.

Which of these companies are from India?

Out of the list mentioned above, ANS Affiliates is an RPO company from India. The great thing about choosing an RPO provider from India is that you get the same quality of services at a much more affordable and budget pricing.

ANS Affiliates has a team full of experienced and skilled virtual recruiters who go out of their way to find the right set of candidates for both companies and staffing agencies.

Final Words

While there are many RPO companies spread across the world, not all of them have the ability to deliver results in the same qualitative manner. That is why it is important to consider the reputation of an RPO company while choosing one.

Logistics And Transportation: How Does An Air Freight Forwarder Operate?

Air freight refers to the transportation of business or exchanging products through the best possible utilization of a flying machine exceptionally intended for conveying load stuff. These sorts of planes are given another name i.e. freight planes as well as the air cargo, these planes are worked by the carriers which handle traveller airplane.

You may even associate these administrations with other transportation administrations, yet these administration providers are profoundly required with the use of co ordinations in their everyday life. The fundamental preferred standpoint which we get from these administrations is the helpful administration and examination of data and assets. In this examination you may incorporate fuel value, labour dealing with, and in addition setting of undertaking of transportation from source to the goal. The cargo benefit providers require some learning for their appropriate working which incorporates stock, bundling, and taking care of warehousing also security related data on every day terms. With the reforming scene, now the utilization of coordination’s has additionally been improved with the assistance of most recent programmings for the sending administrations for the purpose of freight forwarding services.

Air freight forwarding services extend many of the advantages like:

Best reasonable for powerful relegation: initially planes were utilized to convey light weight stuff just, yet now airship cargo sending administrations have changed everything. With these administrations you can without much of a stretch transport your massive freight in best time. Because of rivalry in this field you even get the opportunity to pay less for substantial weight transportation.

Quick and safe: you can transport your universal shipments by boats or planes, just Air cargo sending administrations may cost you all the more however they are quick and safe, thus, they are more common.

Better Profit gaining: In this fast world, on the off chance that you are speedier than your rival then no one but you can win the race. In this way, to procure an aggressive edge over your rivals you should supply your products before time which should be possible through the sending administrations as it were. Henceforth, you need to contact these administration providers and spare time and win identical benefit too in order to know about the air freight from china.

Better alternatives: you can browse an assortment of suppliers, for example, FTL, and various others, more choices mean better costs and quick conveyance. In this way, before finishing any cargo sending administrations do look at costs of changed organizations. Specific administrations: airship cargo sending administrations give unique transportation to perishable merchandise, since they are touchy items, their convenient conveyance is essential, and for this situation just airship cargo benefit providers can be awesome offer assistance.

In conclusion, with an air cargo sending administrations your merchandise are dealt with painstakingly and achieve their goal in a decent condition. Thus, you should attempt a decent airship cargo benefit providers for help with transporting your overwhelming payload.

What Are the Key Drivers of IT Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an integral part of most corporate restructuring activities. It plays a very significant role in IT services and several drivers contribute towards a successful IT outsourcing arrangement. By being aware of the key drivers of IT outsourcing, partners can considerably increase their chances of attaining success. From an outsourcing partner’s perspective, the following are the key drivers that enable success:

Quality of Service – Service quality is considered to be the conformance to customer requirements by many experts. The higher the quality of service, the greater the satisfaction level of the outsourcing partner. Understanding the importance of quality and not trading it for price can have a huge impact on the success of the outsourcing relationship. The main objective of outsourcing is optimal value creation and there is no two ways about the fact that quality is the most crucial driver of IT outsourcing. Criterion such as tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy can be measured and documented to review the quality offered by an IT outsourcing company.

Profitability – Outsourcing of IT processes has many economic implications and gains. Outsourcing helps organisations to save on costs and to take advantage of globalization, hence boosting ROI and profitability. Leading businesses, especially from North America and Europe cite the key drivers to be cost reduction, efficiency and profitability. Outsourcing is value enhancing and hence organisations that engages in an IT outsourcing contract enjoys higher profitability.

Performance – The ultimate benefit of IT outsourcing that is openly proclaimed by many CIOs is that it gives them the opportunity to focus on the core competencies and key strategic initiatives. Thanks to outsourcing, many CIOs today can focus on endeavors that can have a positive impact on the long term growth.

Risk awareness – The ups and downs of business can easily be associated with the inconsistencies and uncertainty in the IT operations. Outsourcing of IT operations not only makes an organisation aware of these uncertainties, but also provides cushioning against the involved risks, provided the SLAs and deliverables are well-defined.

Other key drivers of IT outsourcing are improved business focus, adoption of best practices, diminished complexity, stabilized environment, enhanced systems, improved scalability and business agility, strengthened controls and compliance measures and high availability.

The benefits of IT Solutions and Infrastructure Services are immense. Growing costs, risks and complexity of technology can present huge challenges to the internal IT operations of any organisation. By entering into a contract with IT outsourcing service providers, CIOs can not only leverage the expertise, performance and economies of scale of service providers, but can also pave the way for innovation and value creation.

How to Find a PEO Solution That Makes Sense

Do you think that every PEO organization is created equally? Well, as with any other service you’d be looking to obtain or company you’d be looking to hire, that’s not the case. That’s why it’s essential to not simply rush and choose the first one you find. Instead, take your time to make a more informed choice. Here’s how to get started and to find PEO carriers who will get the job done for you in the right way.

The first and most important place to start is by considering what your needs actually are. Which specific type of services are you looking for from an employee leasing provider? If you’re only looking for a service to provide one specific need, whether it’s workers compensation insurance or human resources, then one company may be more of an expert than the other.

For many business owners though, the best PEO organization for them will be the one that can handle the full breadth of responsibilities, roles, and services that fit into employee leasing. In addition to workers compensation and human resources, this may include but is not limited to payroll, payroll and unemployment taxes, administrative outsourcing, employee health insurance, employee benefits packages, employer regulations, and more. If you’re looking for this range of services, then obviously you need to find PEO carriers who can do it all, and handle those needs.

Speaking of being able to handle it all, consider the size of the employee leasing provider you’re considering hiring. Ideally, you want to find a PEO provider who can continue to grow and scale with you in the future.

Now that you know more about how to get started, and what you should be looking for, there’s another important consider. You may want to look into hiring experienced PEO brokers in your local area. They’ll be well versed in all of the different providers, how they differ, what they specialize or excel in, and generally, who are the best to work with. PEO brokers should also be able to find you superior rates than you would be able to get on your own.

Ultimately, the best PEO carriers for any type of business will be one that provides tailor-made solutions that match your needs. When they get the job done the right way, and they can offer their services at an affordable rate, with good support and service to go along with it, then you’re coming out as a big winner. Once again, achieving all of these end goals may be made more easily possible with the help of local PEO brokers who can handle the process for you.

Tips to Manage a Globally Diverse Team

Many companies today have an international presence, with employees around the globe. While companies try and leverage the geographical and cultural diversity and local expertise to attain a competitive edge, it is also a fact that geographically dispersed teams face huge challenges with cultural differences, social distance and lack of emotional connect, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and mistrust.

While global teams are not new anymore, companies should understand that the associated challenges are ongoing ones. Given below are some tips that can help bridge the gap between culturally and geographically diverse teams:

Understand and respect the difference in time zones

When you have an international presence, it is almost impossible to find a common meeting time for team members from offices that fall in different time-zones. It is highly recommended that such meetings are planned well in advance and that all who need to attend the meeting understand the time zone difference and schedule a time that is convenient for all.

Communicate clearly and frequently

Frequent communication is the key to success for international teams. Global teams should make conscious efforts to communicate frequently to exchange ideas and knowledge, to learn from the experiences of other team members and to keep others updated with the latest developments.

Build trust

Trust among members is extremely important for any team, and an international team is no exception. Core team values should be well-defined. Also, deadlines and milestones should be discussed and defined well in advance to ensure that all projects are completed on time.

Approach work with an open mind

More often than not, professionals look down upon colleagues who work from home or from a remote location. When you are a part of a global team, you need to approach work with an open mind and ask questions whenever you have to find answers. Also, you need to understand that work can be delivered professionally irrespective of time-zones or location.

Promote diversity initiatives such as shared projects

As an employer, you can offer diversity training to managers across locations. Opportunities to mingle with global teams in the form of shared projects should be provided to all team members so that they can learn from each other.

Managing global teams can be quite challenging. If you are not sure of managing global teams and projects efficiently, which is very likely if your projects are very technical in nature, then you can consider outsourcing your projects to global outsourcers with a local presence across geographies.

What Are the Yardsticks to Select the Right IT Service Model?

In order to maximise benefits and returns from investment in technology, IT leaders need to rely on the services of enterprise managed service providers and on bespoke IT service models. Given below is an insight into some yardsticks that enable IT leaders to lay their hands on the right IT service model for their business:

Pricing – While there is no doubt that the services of an IT managed service provider will cost you money, you should be prudent enough to weigh the benefits against the cost. An important point to consider is how soon you can expect returns from your investment on the new IT service model. In a nut shell, your IT partner should offer you more for less.

Proficiency – IT can be a business transformation agent, provided you have an efficient and adept IT service partner on your side. A proficient IT partner will help you with a customized service model that reduces resource wastage and allocates apt resources to meet your unique business requirements.

Consistency – Your chosen service partner should be able to consistently present you with fast, stable and secure IT services. Not only that, your IT service provider should also be reliable and allow you to quantify the performance. Unless your IT service provider presents you with these aspects, you cannot be assured of mitigated risks.

Flexibility – If you are unable to adapt to the fast changing demands of your business, you cannot be seen as an industry leader. The continually evolving business landscape demands that your IT is flexible and agile. The true value of your IT service is measured by how smoothly and swiftly it adapts to the qualitative and quantitative changes in the requirements.

Feasibility – There are some IT models that may look extremely good on paper, but may not be viable at all. Organisations should choose IT models that are feasible and easily operable, thus ensuring that the business is assured of consistent and quality IT support at all times.

Environment friendly – A good IT service provider and model ensures that the carbon footprint left by the IT department of your organisation is minimal. This is usually done by consolidating and reducing the hardware and energy requirements of IT applications. Today, almost all top companies consider it a priority to invest in green technologies.

A bespoke and flexible IT service model is the need of the present times, especially as it can help you achieve your business objectives and beat your competition.