7 Essentials of Surveillance

As technology is evolving, video surveillance cameras are becoming more affordable and cost-effective. Be it business or home, people are opting for modern and latest means of surveillance. These modes not only prevent thefts & losses, but also help in monitoring and tracking activities. From observing the customers in a retail outlet to capturing the license plate numbers of the vehicles, they do everything! But, is there anything that you may need to know before you indulge in what is called “surveillance”? Yes! There are seven important points that one must know before investing into this realm.

Here are the ‘Seven essentials of surveillance’:

1) When you are unable to hold the reins, recompense

In surveillance, there are certain things which are past our control and further hinder with the working of these systems, for instance, back light, quivering of camera, changes in light level and low light conditions. Though you can’t control them, but you can compensate their effects by using the camera’s digital image processing feature. Thus, while choosing your surveillance solution, it is very important to hand-pick the right IP camera. The apt IP camera is the one, which is proficient enough to recoup the above mentioned issues.

2) Good to Consult and Surf

Before the final purchase, make sure to do enough market research regarding what you are investing your money into. Most of the consumers are very firm about the price range when they move out to buy a system. What they try to do is save without thinking of what their real needs are. If there is a scope, then it is always good to save money, but not at the cost of performance. Though the budget matters, but the specifications of your equipment matters more. So, just think before you buy! For instance, if you are buying a surveillance system for the identification purpose and it fails to produce usable pictures, then the potential loss would be appalling.

3) Must do Product Testing

Product specifications are acknowledged and while researching for the desired equipment, most of the users seek information from the product specification chart only. Although these spec sheets prove to be quite helpful, there are certain things that are not mentioned on them like ability of the system to capture color in low light conditions, how quickly the camera adapts and stabilizes when scene lightning changes suddenly, how the camera’s noise reduction feature handles the moving subject, etc.

Talking about the information, not all the manufacturers are equally objective. Sometimes, they miss out the small details which might have made a huge difference in your purchase decision. Thus, it is recommended that before buying, do comprehensive market research and also test the product, if possible. Checking out the product physically and testing it yourself will make you more confident of your purchase.

4) All security cameras are not the same

It is very vital for a surveillance system to always work, no matter how challenging the situation is, whether it is snowing or stormy. Moreover, the cameras that can stand (come with strong casings) against illegitimate access, invasion, and vandalism, to a good extent would certainly be the best ones. It is also suggested that you should consider your locality or area before investing in surveillance equipment, so that the outcome is as per your expectations.

5) Transmission quality of the video

During monitoring process, it is pertinent to have good transmission quality. For instance, if you are supervising the authorized access of vehicles to a particular area, then you would need VTQ of higher definition that can handle low light situations compared to the video quality of cameras capturing pedestrian traffic. And, only HD recordings captured by HD cameras can offer that much of fine detailing. Thus, do talk about ‘quality’ while buying a system.

6) Imaging sensor: You can’t record, what you can’t perceive.

There is an image sensor inside the camera that senses and transmits the images. The subject will not exit unless it is captured by the surveillance camera. Hence, it is important for the sensor to capture and record each image that goes across the camera’s field of view for future purposes. These imaging sensors are responsible for the color, frame rate, resolution, and sensitivity of the scene too. Therefore, these gears would certainly play a major role in your buying decision.

7) Redundancy elimination

Most of the security departments face redundancy difficulties. This is because you can’t keep too many guards for security. And, even if you recruit enough of them, still what is the assurance that they will always respond on time and especially, during an emergency?

Redundancy can be eliminated by opting for Smart Surveillance technology that can be operated under the supervision of lesser number of guard(s), who can help in the monitoring process. This will also increase the guard’s response rate to manage the disturbances as they would know where to go and when. By using this setup, you can keep track of the events yourself too. Hence, this is an efficient and better form of enforcing security.

After reading this, I hope you are now aware of the things to be kept in mind while you are thinking of investing in surveillance.

5 Legal Ways to Track People

While it’s not legal for common people to track other people through the use of GPS devices without their consent, you can do it legally if you want to track your spouse, kids or friends. After all, you want to take care of your loved ones to make sure they don’t end up hurting themselves. Given below are a few legal ways of keep an eye on others.

1. Use an app

It may be harder for you to keep an eye on your kids, especially when they are on the go. However, you can track your kids with some special devices. You don’t need to use the most expensive device. You will use invisible strings.

Actually, before you hand over the car keys to your kid, you will need to install an app on his or her mobile phone. For both Android and iOS, you can get several apps that will serve the same purpose.

These apps will allow you to track the exact location and speed of your kid with the help of the GPS data. However, the downside is that the app won’t give you the data if your kid disables it or it stops working for some unknown reason.

2. Use Social Media

According to experts, you can make use of Facebook in order to keep an eye on someone’s location. You can also use other social platforms, such as Google Latitude, Foursquare and Twitter, just to name a few.

All of the sites give pretty accurate information about the location of the users who sign up. What does this mean? For instance, Google Maps will show you who have been checked in and let you look at the photos of the place.

According to a recent poll, 15% of US residents make use of social media, especially Facebook to tell their friends that they have just left their home.

3. Tag your Kid

There are lots of devices that help you keep tabs on your kids, and pets. While they are not designed for this purpose, you can use them to take care of your kids and pets. The law doesn’t allow you to keep track of a grown-up with these devices. However, the rules are different as far as keeping track of minors is concerned.

You can try several protection services or applications in order to look for your lost mobile phone or other devices. All you have to do is use the login location or the GPS as soon as the device gets access to the Internet.

You can also use GPS-supported tags for your kids and pets. Some radio-tag systems are designed in a way that they can be connected to anything, including kids.

4. GPS-tracking phone plans

If you are a parent, you can use various features of software and service providers in order to monitor your teen’s mobile phone and online activities. If your kid spends money online playing their favorite games, these apps and service plans can work for you.

For instance, T-Mobile offers a plan that lets you look for your family members’ whereabouts. While the user of the phone won’t notice they are being tracked, most experts suggest that you should let your teen know that they will be tracked.

5. Private detective

Lastly, you can also hire a private detective to keep an eye on your kid for their safety. However, this will cost you a good amount of money. A few hours of services may cost you thousands of dollars.

So, these are a few tips to help you track someone legally.

5 Measures to Enhance Home Security

With the increase in illicit activities happening around, it becomes vital for everyone to take extra care of things that matter the most to you. The well-being of your family and the place where you dwell in would undoubtedly be the top on the list.

Following are the measures which will indubitably help in enhancing the safety of your home and consequently, strengthening the protection of your loved ones:

1) Boasting on Social Media is a big NO!

While you are on a vacation or going out on an official trip or visiting a relative, you tend to post the same on social media in form of departures, check-ins, or pictures of the new locations. This should be avoided as it will attract and update the burglars about your recent activities. If you are really enthusiastic to talk about your trip, you may post the images after coming back home.

2) Never, Ever

Most of us have a habit of leaving a message on the voicemail informing the person on the other side about the reason for not being able to attend the call, for instance, ‘Away on vacation’, ‘Will be back in four days’, and so on. Never disclose for how long you are out or away from your home. Keep your messages simple and generic for every situation, such as ‘Hello! Thanks for calling. Will get back to you as soon as possible’, ‘Hey there! I’m occupied with something right now. Will call back soon’, and likewise.

Moreover, don’t even think of hiding your house keys under the doormat or in other obvious places. Intruders are smart enough and they already have the idea of all such places.

3) Eyes and Ears for your home: Security System

Technology has not only made our life simpler, but secured as well. If you live alone or stay in an isolated area, it is recommended that you should position a surveillance system (indoor security cameras and weatherproof outdoor surveillance cameras) at your home to ensure enhanced security. These gadgets are one of the best devices to monitor everything that is happening in and around your premises when you are at home or even when you are away from home.

4) Fencing the periphery

To restrict the entry and hence, make your abode more secured, you may go for the fencing option too. It is one of the most facile yet the strongest way to shield your dwelling. Various kinds of fences namely PVC, Wood, Bamboo, etc., are available in the market from which you can hand-pick the one as per your requirements.

5) Seal them to conceal things

The window shades are capable enough to conceal the whereabouts of inside. Windows with drapes or shades would certainly block outsiders to have any glimpse of inside. Also, be extra cautious and make sure to lock all your windows properly before leaving the house as the unsealed ones would offer quite a good welcome to the burglars.

Just implement these measures and reap the benefits of deepened security of your home!

Role of Safety Barriers in Perimeter Security

In order to protect employees, guests and the building functions and services from any disturbances such as unauthorized vehicles approaching close to or entering high risk building, Perimeter security is adopted. Depending on the value of the building and the size of the threat, protection is accomplished by establishing appropriate standoff distance. This is possible with the use of safety barrier system to provide the necessary standoff. The barriers may be along the site of the property line, within a large campus or site, placed separately of the property line. The barrier can form an interface between the public and the private space along the property line.

A perimeter security system consists of two main elements,

– A rigid barrier such as a concrete barrier that prevent unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles to enter the area

– A control point that can screen and inspect anyone before they pass through the barrier

Some benefits of having safety barriers for the security of a public space is listed below,

– In any public place, it is important to have a perimeter security for the safety of the building and its occupants and to maintain the presence and activity of the public. Having safety barriers can provide the appropriate balance between them.

– Barriers are available in various sizes and shapes. By choosing the right barriers, the aesthetic value of the place is improved. It gives security in the context of enhancing the particular spot and the area around it rather than as a separate or redundant system whose only purpose is to provide security.

– This barrier system provides a singular path to the approaching cars and the access is screened in an orderly way, allowing one car at a time. The last thing the security of the building wants is to have a pile up before the gate.

– It provides the ideal area separation service for vehicles. Barricades can divide various parts of any location especially the indoors to block access to anyone other than the employees of the building. Therefore, the employees can avoid any hindrance by getting mixed up with the visitors.

– It can also be made to form a pathway to the ticket counter or any other services.

– It can give additional protection to the assets of the building.

– It is the best way to guide cars in the parking lot and to deny access to spaces that are reserved for any important personnel.

– It can avoid any accidental entry of visitors to any “No-Go” zones. Visitors aren’t always alert enough to notice any warning signs near the door.

Barriers are like the brakes in your car. It slows you down but it can also make you go a lot faster.

Analogue Cameras Vs IP Cameras for CCTV Security

If you are thinking about installing a new CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system for your business, then you have to decide between an Analogue and an IP camera solution. Understanding how the technologies work and the differences between Analogue and IP cameras will help you make the right choice. There are a wide range of IP and Analogue solutions available depending on your requirements and budget.

What is an Analogue Security System?

An analogue security system begins with a CCD image sensor and then converts the images into a digital form for processing. But before it can transmit the videos, it needs to convert back in an analogue form, so analogue devices such as video recorder and monitor, can receive the videos.

What is an IP Security System?

An IP security system broadcasts their video as a digital stream over an IP network such as a WAN, LAN, Internet or Intranet. IP cameras combine the capabilities of cameras and some PC functionalities so that they don’t require a direct connection to a PC to operate. This means it can be placed anywhere within a network and can be accessible from any computer or smart phone with the correct security permissions.

What are the Major Differences in Security Cameras?


Excel in capturing high definition, megapixel images. The maximum amount of pixels that can be created by analogue cameras is 0.4 megapixels, and up to 10 megapixel by IP cameras. Just like pictures taken with digital cameras, the more pixel the better image quality. Provide Full HD quality at up to 30 FPS which is real-time, and footage can be stored locally or remotely and be accessed at anytime from anywhere. If you need face recognition features or high quality images, then IP Cameras will be the best solution for your business.


Analogue cameras are simple to install because they require no configuration and limited network knowledge. It requires some networking skills for small installations and more technical skills for enterprise size installations as there are numerous components to consider when installing an IP Camera network. Considerations needs to be made of the quality and locations of IP cameras as they can only be a certain distance from the active equipment.


IP cameras are more expensive than analogue cameras. One of the main reasons is that IP cameras have higher megapixels and provide much higher quality. However it is important to note that high megapixel means that they can cover a larger area and can take the place of several analogue cameras. Therefore in the majority of cases, IP cameras can be more cost-effective solution on all fronts.


To sum up, both types of cameras have their use in commercial or residential security environments. Better quality, higher definition and enterprise wireless applications, while analogue camera’s advantages are more practical, easy to operate, install and cost-effective. Available style options of current cameras are Dome, Bullet, Fish Eye, PTZ, Weatherproof and Vandal proof.

Whether an analogue or IP is best for your business it all depends on the security requirements and budget of your business.

Reasons: Why Security Checks at Airport Fail

Due to increasing instances of crimes and terrorist attacks at airports and airlines our airport security has become a major concern. Smuggling of weapons, drugs and explosives still are undercover through numerous airport checkpoints. The question arises that where are the flaws? Why security checks at airports fails even with the best security system? Here we will try to find out the answers to these questions and discuss our current airport security management system and some unnoticed flaws of it.

Our Current Airport Security Management System

As we know TSA (Transport Security Administration) regulates and maintains security checks at the airports. But you would be shocked knowing that even with TSA our airport security is not worth the cost even in the best of circumstances. Still many security lapses are taken place at major airports around the world. For stopping criminal activities at airports that can cause damage to innocent lives TSA (Transport Security Administration) should work harder and think smarter to make airports security strong and tough for criminals. Have a look at minor flaws of TSA that could be a reason of big terrorist attack or deadly incidents.

TSA Should Know that Real Threats are Always Not Travelers

It is not important that only airline’s traveler pose risks of terrorism. There are many other people who visit airport for many reasons, and could also be a reason to harm people. There are people who are not travelers but come airport to perform only illegal activities. There must be protocol to check these people too. TSA should keep the record of his each visitor. It may possible that terrorist may be already living in your country and is not a traveler. If we talk about only travelers, about 99% of travelers are just travelers who have no objection to getting through security checks. They buy a cup of coffee, cold drink, and some duty-free whiskey. They quietly drink and use Wi-Fi from airport restaurants. These people pose no threat to anyone. There are only a few terrorist like needles exists among them in a haystack. TSA should pay special attention to these criminals and keep an eye on each visitor no matter a person is a traveler or not.

TSA Security Officers Pay All Energy to Luggage Screening

Airport security officers are too busy in checking luggage and they are paying all their energy to luggage screening. They only check luggage but not check the person behind the luggage. How a security guard would be sure that he will not found something fishy into the luggage? Hiding things in luggage is so easy thing to do for criminals. TSA should also make a protocol to screen people along with their luggage in real time and must be a check of human intelligence team to spy passenger’s behavior and actions.

TSA Should Invest More on Human Intelligence Because Real Threats are Detected by Intelligence, not in Screening

If you look back to recent terrorist attacks at airports you may find that the bombs on airports were detected because of human intelligence, not because of screening. TSA should increase its intelligence staff along with metal or body scanning machines. A Machine could give errors but human intelligence can’t be fooled. Human intelligence is intelligent enough to examine each traveler’s activities, behavior, facial expressions, and actions. They work hard to monitor and spy each traveler before sending them for a fly. If even a little portion of what is spent on screening was invested in the human intelligence services we would take a real step toward making airport or our airlines safer and more pleasant.

Security Checking Machines Do Not Detect All Explosives

Security checking machines at the front gate of airports are not 100% reliable. Even Israel airport authority expressed doubt about the capabilities of machines. It is tested that security checking machines cannot detect all explosives and could give errors sometimes.

Increased Times at Security Check Points is an Opportunity to Criminals

TSA Checks are a time-consuming process and it is an opportunity to criminals who are there to perform deadly incidents. Long lines at security checking gates are not secured. TSA should learn to get passengers through different security checks quickly and with less hassle. TSA should also provide security to long lines standing for their turn to pass a security check.

The Importance of Security Guard Training

Security firms around the world are now offering a huge range of specialised officers to deal with many situations, including delivering security services for high-level politicians and celebrities and more low-key jobs such as providing security in a retail or hotel environment.

Each of these officers is required to undergo rigorous training in a number of areas, ranging from health and safety to customer service, although of course the level of training and type of training given will all depend on the country that the guards are working in. Regardless, training is essential for guards everywhere in the world for a number of reasons.

One of these is that training in a number of different areas can actually limit the liability that guards, security firms and their clients face should any incident arise. Examples of these incidents could mean that there is an accident on a construction site or that a member of the public is injured during a confrontation with a guard.

This works in several ways. Firstly, with better-trained guards this means that volatile situations are less likely to arise, and if they do, guards will be fully aware of how to handle them effectively and with full knowledge of their legal rights and the legal rights of the people that they are dealing with.

Secondly, that these guards have taken training can mean that they are far less likely to find themselves at the receiving end of lawsuits as they will have completed all the mandatory training and instruction that is needed to fulfil such an important role. These are two ways in which training can drastically reduce liability in the case of in incident.

Next, the extensive training that guards go through is important to make sure that they are able to deal with the range of different scenarios that they are presented with on the job. This is of benefit both to security firms and to clients, as well as to the guards themselves.

As a result, the best companies offer training in fire marshalling, first aid, self-defence, customer service, access control, emergency procedures, communication skills, reporting and much more. All of these different tasks make up part of the job for a typical officer, and they will be better equipped for the role if they have taken training in these areas.

This can also give great peace of mind for the customer, as they will be able to trust the guards who are working for them to handle a variety of challenging situations without much difficulty. All of these skills can be taught and learnt, and therefore training is an essential part of this process.

Finally, it is important to note that in some countries it is important to undergo special training to become licensed to give security services and to work as a security guard. Therefore lacking a qualification can mean that an individual simply is not entitled to work as a security guard.

For this reason, all those companies that are thinking of hiring security guards from security firms in their area to carry out work for them should be aware that they will need to look for fully trained and licensed professionals to ensure that these people are legally allowed to be doing the work that they are doing.

They should also be aware of any other legal obligations such as choosing guards with certain first aid or other health and safety qualifications, as these can limit the risk of lawsuits and also of a catastrophic incident happening on company premises.

Apart from these legal factors, it is also true that those guards which are better trained will also be able to handle a greater variety of challenging and routine situations which can result in a far better service being enjoyed by the client of the security agency in question.

How To Place The Order For The Perfect ID Badge!

Any corporate office that is operating across the globe opts for Identifications cards for its employees. The ID card acts as a proof that the concerned person is an employee of the company. Getting an ID card is not easy; there are many things that you need to consider otherwise the whole purpose of having the ID card made will be rendered useless. So let’s find out what are the things that you need to consider:

Shape and size: there is a universal shape and size that the ID card manufacturing industry follows. You can stick to that size or you can choose your own size and shape. But generally the card looks good in rectangular shape.

Photo and details: the perfect ID has the employee name, date of birth, blood type, contact details, employee code and the company name along with the employee signature. This means that when you are opting for Employee ID Cards you have to make sure that you have got all the details. Other common thins that are mentioned in the card include rules like, what the employee needs to do if they lose the card and so on. If your database does not have the updated details, then collect all the information before you go ahead and place your order.

Laminated and customized: opt for a laminated ID Badge so that no matter what it cannot be damaged. If by mistake any of your employee spills coffee or water on the car, the details will not get smothered or damaged at all. This ensures that the card will be long lasting and can be used as long as the employee works for your company. Why don’t you opt for customized cards? They look super great.

Bulk order: it is always better to opt for bulk order so that you get all the ID cards at a single time Placing orders at frequent gaps delays the process and eventually you will lose track of which employee cards were made and which are still pending. To make the entire affair simple and easy place bulk order.

Save money: when you place bulk order you save both time and money. You will get exciting discounts for placing bulk orders. In case the service provider does not offer you discounts, you can ask them. There is nothing to feel shy about.

Once you consider the top 5 factors, you are all prepared to get the ID card made. Nowadays so many different things have come about that you can try out in case of ID cards. Ask the designer to suggest what the different things that you can go for are. Have a discussion. In case you are not comfortable with the designs you can stick to the traditional one. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the service providers today. Find the one that you like the most and place the order accordingly.

Why Should You Only Allow A Professional Locksmith To Repair Or Replace Your Car Keys?

Being locked out of your car is one of the most dreadful situations of the day – right? What if you found yourself in any such situation? Should you call a relative with spare key at the time of emergency? Not at all, especially if you have a baby with you or you need to reach anywhere as quickly as it is possible. On the off-chance, you think that hiring a handyman instead of a professional locksmith can save your money so you are wrong in all ways. This is because sometimes, it can even dig into any serious issue, which you cannot afford anyhow. There are many reasons that let you understand why you should only allow a car key specialist or a professional locksmith to deal with such situation. Have a look to know about those reasons.

They Use Branded Parts: One of the common reasons you should only consult a professional locksmith to repair or replace your car keys is that they always use branded parts to do this task. Their main motive is to give you the reliable services and, therefore, they never compromise with the quality and use branded parts you can totally rely on.

Take Care Of All Your Security Needs: A Locksmith is a person whose top most priority is your security and safety and therefore, they always rekey your locks or repair it at its best, so, you don’t need to face any such problem again. They can also keep their client’s details confidential and never compromise your security. However, a handyman can even steal the key codes and use it against you and therefore, you should never trust them.

Experience And Expertise: A well-reputed Car Locksmith has a bunch of knowledge in their respective field which a handyman cannot have. A handyman can even break the overall lock because of lack of their knowledge and tools. If you want to replace or repair the locks so hire a professional is the right decision because it minimal the chance of any loss.

In conclusion: You should only allow a professional locksmith to touch your car locks if you don’t want to lead to any serious damage. You just need to keep a number of a professional so you can handle the situation with care. One thing you should always keep in mind that car locks require a special technique, technology, and tools, which a handyman cannot have and therefore, you should never rely on them for such sensitive services.

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